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I thought, instead of a boring FAQ like I used to have here, I’d tell you more about the reviewers. And then maybe follow it up with some FAQ at the end…who knows what might happen with this About page?… Continue Reading →

Royal Robbins Panorama dress

You’ll have to move to a missile silo in central Mongolia to avoid another travel dress review this summer. Sucks to be you! Because you’ll miss the Royal Robbins Panorama dress ($78) review. What I like Well-made dress that is… Continue Reading →

Dakine Sentinel

Hand protection is critical in mountain biking because in many cases it’s your hands that hit the ground first when you attempt to break your fall in a crash. The Dakine Sentinel ($45) is such a glove but with full-paw coverage. What I… Continue Reading →

Lander Cascade 2600mAh Power Bank

The Lander Cascade Power Bank ($34.99) is a power bank with a built-in 2600mAh lithium rechargeable battery and a 1-Amp USB output that delivers a single* charge to your portable electronic device. *The Cascade Power Bank is also available in… Continue Reading →

The National Parks Coast to Coast: 100 Best Hikes (a book review!)

Our National Park Service is a treasure and it’s turning 100 in August. In light of the occasion, Backpacker magazine released their all-new The National Parks Coast to Coast: 100 Best Hikes ($26, softcover) and I had the opportunity to give… Continue Reading →

Royal Robbins Backcountry short

The Royal Robbins Backcountry short ($55) is one of those shorts that when you take them out of the bag and hold them up you think, “Um…Don’t think so.” Then you put them on and shout “Damn my doubting, pessimistic self to eternal Hell!”… Continue Reading →

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffel

There are times in our adventurous lives that traditional luggage isn’t the best option. But something soft, lightweight, rugged and with a lot of cargo capacity is. That’s why I’m loving my Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler 90L and Eagle Creek… Continue Reading →

The Head Geargal’s Advice Column

I have long fantasized about starting an outdoor advice column. Admittedly this idea stemmed in part from the popularity of my “Outdoor Dating” series. In this hypothetical advice column, I’d take inquiries from wayward outdoorsy souls; such things as “With… Continue Reading →

Chaco ZX-1 Classic

The last trace of snow has melted. The robins are back and crapping all over cars parked under trees. Pedicures have been scheduled. It’s officially Chaco ZX-1 Classic season! What I liked loved Footbed. This is what makes a Chaco not… Continue Reading →

NiteRider Adventure 180 Headlamp

Editor’s Note: We originally published this review in February under the wrong product name, which took a bit of work to find/figure out. Sorry NiteRider! This one is correct, we promise. The main draw of the NiteRider headlamp, at least… Continue Reading →

Pearl Izumi ELITE Escape tank

The only problem with April being National Bike Accessories Month at Gear Gals is that I live in Minnesota, which makes it tough to review the Pearl Izumi ELITE Escape tank ($75) without freezing my….er….uh…arms off. But the Pearl Izumi… Continue Reading →

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