I talked about these base layers in my last trip report, but they do deserve their own review.

At first look, this is a pretty standard design; long sleeve upper, full length lower. Lowers are really nice and long for you tall gals, and the sleeves on the upper are long enough too; no fit problems to speak of for a good range of body types. The “extra” is Columbia’s Omni-Heat fabric which has little metallic dots on the inside to reflect body heat back to you. At first I thought it couldn’t possibly make a difference, but a little voice spoke up reminding me that we use space blankets to reflect body heat back to injured people in the backcountry, so it should work to use the same idea integrated with clothing…?

I admit that I didn’t notice much of a difference when using these in the reasonable temps (above or equal to zero degrees F). They seemed pretty average at first, but since it wasn’t cold enough, my standard layer system was fine and the Omni-Heat wasn’t being put to the test. It had to dive well below zero for me to realize what a difference the Omni-Heat makes. It really, really works.

I have nothing whatsoever to say about these that isn’t an utter rave. They’re comfortable , well made, and they work to keep you warmer. Actually, I want them in more versions – like always, I would love a crewneck 1/3 zip version of the top, and a ski-length option for the bottoms. What say you, Columbia?