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Judging active pregnant women as selfish risk-takers

I am not one of those women who really ever feels that she has something to prove.  This is especially true as a pregnant woman.  There are women who want to be that experiment of one, defying physicians’ advice and… Continue Reading →

Everest = Detroit

Today I became aware of a situation that erupted on Mt. Everest between Sherpas and a couple of Western climbers, including Ueli Steck who is pretty famous for his speed ascents.  From what I can gather, Sherpas are already generally… Continue Reading →

Wherein Danni wins an argument (it’s dialectics)

I recently completed the White Mountains 100 on foot, which is a hundred mile non-motorized excursion on snow machine trails outside Fairbanks in the White Mountains.  I did a little write up on my experience, describing the sections that were… Continue Reading →

The Paradox* of the “Enthusiastic Participant”

Janna recently described the poor-sportswoman spectrum and at first blush I identified with the sandbaggers and excuse factories.  Upon further reflection, I realized those categories are more the women who are engaging in their own disordered version of pre-race “smack… Continue Reading →

Danni Gets Lost

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” — John Powell Most of us are likely pretty sure that we recreate safely in the backcountry, whatever “safe” means to us and however it correlates with our… Continue Reading →

Keep your dogma in the kennel thank you

No one likes to be told what to do – but sometimes the enactment of laws and rules that promote civility and a functional peaceful society are necessary and required.  What is not required to meet this end, however, are… Continue Reading →

Life is Like the Karate Kid — A Quiz

This weekend while visiting my best friend of 33 years, we decided after quite a lot of beer that we should watch the Karate Kid, one of the most iconic yet terrible movies of all time.  It occurred to me… Continue Reading →

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