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Please Stop Being Afraid of Turning 40, Outdoors Women

In the past week, I have had three different women moan about turning 40. GASP. And then today in the grocery store,  a woman I know said she was envious of my outdoors adventures, but she has small kids. “In… Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Enduring Clothing

On a recent backpacking trip, I shivered and went to zip up my long underwear top. Disaster! The zipper completely failed. I looked at it with horror. No! Not this shirt! The shirt in question is an LL Bean partial… Continue Reading →

My Calm Down Outdoors List

Let’s face it, there are plenty of things to complain about, even for someone with a great, active life. I feel unreasonable rage when I read someone’s trip report and they talk about ripping up tortillas to leave outside their tent… Continue Reading →

Aging In The Outdoors*

*post written through my own filter, which may not be yours. Recently I got slammed on my personal hiking blog for “being hung up on aging” and “seeing others through my inner, negative filter.” This was because I have written… Continue Reading →

Why I Left a Gear Talk Forum

When I first heard about a gear forum online, I was excited. After all, I love talking about gear. I like hearing about new things, I like helping newbies out, and I like reading reviews of gear. What can I… Continue Reading →

You’ve Heard This Before: A Cautionary Tale

My friend, The Freak of Nature, has for several months been suffering from some malady that is probably chronic fatigue syndrome. Of anybody I know, the Freak is the last person I would think of as being out of energy…. Continue Reading →

How Social Media Has Changed My Outdoors Experience

Social Media! I use it (though I don’t tweet. I can’t imagine someone would care that much about my life. What would I say? “Still at work on the conference call of doom”? “I tried to stay away from the… Continue Reading →

Thoughts From The Trail

I haven’t blogged here in forever. I’m surprised Jill hasn’t kicked me off yet. But since she hasn’t, let me state where I have been. On the Pacific Crest Trail, in the California desert (which everyone calls desert but isn’t… Continue Reading →


Here’s something I’ve noticed: the older I get, the harder it is to find compatible outdoors companions. In my twenties, I found them everywhere. I suppose it helped that I worked at national parks then but…it still wasn’t a problem…. Continue Reading →

It’s On My Blog! It Has To Be True!

I’m old, and I didn’t grow up with the Internet. I’m glad I didn’t have Facebook when I was 18; I shudder to think what I would have posted there. While social media has definitely been a blessing in some respects,… Continue Reading →

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