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Link: The Problem With Women’s Outdoor Gear

The Toast just published this awesome article, “Outfitting for Adventure: The Problem With Women’s Outdoor Gear” by Kate Worteck, in which I am quoted. Kate did a great job of summarizing all the issues with women’s gear, and the comments… Continue Reading →

Outdoor Fallacies: You Carry Your Fears

Today’s installment of Outdoors Fallacies is about another overused and newish phrase, one that goes hand in hand with the pompous “there’s no bad weather, just bad gear.”  Lately the ultralight ethos has degenerated into “mocking people for carrying intelligent amounts… Continue Reading →

Outdoor Fallacies: “It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Just Get Faster”

I’ve heard this chirpy slogan used to console (and ineptly encourage) people struggling with the difficulties of sport. It’s that time-worn classic scenario; one weekend warrior wanting to learn mountain biking teams up with a buddy, an obsessive exerciser who… Continue Reading →

Please Stop Being Afraid of Turning 40, Outdoors Women

In the past week, I have had three different women moan about turning 40. GASP. And then today in the grocery store,  a woman I know said she was envious of my outdoors adventures, but she has small kids. “In… Continue Reading →

When An Event Promotes Oppression of Women

OK, so go read this: Male only marathon? Boycott please.   Now read the email I just sent to the organizers (and copied to the sponsors/partners of the event): Hello, I’m writing to you to express how disappointing and wrong… Continue Reading →

Molding Method For Perfect Ski Boot Liners

There is only one person in the world that I let work on my ski and mountaineering boots. This is because I’m extremely picky about boots and a) I think most gear store are full of shit when it comes… Continue Reading →

Alaskan Dog Caught In Conibear Trap Set On Hiking Trail

I am reprinting this from an informative email sent out by an official. I’ve stripped out all the identifying information that I could. I just wanted to put the information out there, especially for Alaskans who aren’t aware of the… Continue Reading →

The Lost Art of Enduring Clothing

On a recent backpacking trip, I shivered and went to zip up my long underwear top. Disaster! The zipper completely failed. I looked at it with horror. No! Not this shirt! The shirt in question is an LL Bean partial… Continue Reading →

Last night’s sexist night ride: Free advice to the bike industry and a PSA to the riders

The year is 2015, it was a random Monday night night ride at Lebanon Hills Dumbass-on-a-Salsa: “Is that your Moots?” Me: “Who else’s would it be?” Dumbass-on-a-Salsa: “Thought maybe you borrowed it from someone.” Me: “Would you ask a man… Continue Reading →

Too Visible Around Men

I’ve been in male-dominated fields most of my life. This isn’t because I’ve got male interests, it’s because almost everything is male-dominated because the men of the world can’t share, especially when something is fun to do or garners admiration… Continue Reading →

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