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The Head Geargal’s Advice Column

I have long fantasized about starting an outdoor advice column. Admittedly this idea stemmed in part from the popularity of my “Outdoor Dating” series. In this hypothetical advice column, I’d take inquiries from wayward outdoorsy souls; such things as “With… Continue Reading →

Outdoor Fallacies: “It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Just Get Faster”

I’ve heard this chirpy slogan used to console (and ineptly encourage) people struggling with the difficulties of sport. It’s that time-worn classic scenario; one weekend warrior wanting to learn mountain biking teams up with a buddy, an obsessive exerciser who… Continue Reading →

When An Event Promotes Oppression of Women

OK, so go read this: Male only marathon? Boycott please.   Now read the email I just sent to the organizers (and copied to the sponsors/partners of the event): Hello, I’m writing to you to express how disappointing and wrong… Continue Reading →

Molding Method For Perfect Ski Boot Liners

There is only one person in the world that I let work on my ski and mountaineering boots. This is because I’m extremely picky about boots and a) I think most gear store are full of shit when it comes… Continue Reading →

Alaskan Dog Caught In Conibear Trap Set On Hiking Trail

I am reprinting this from an informative email sent out by an official. I’ve stripped out all the identifying information that I could. I just wanted to put the information out there, especially for Alaskans who aren’t aware of the… Continue Reading →

Too Visible Around Men

I’ve been in male-dominated fields most of my life. This isn’t because I’ve got male interests, it’s because almost everything is male-dominated because the men of the world can’t share, especially when something is fun to do or garners admiration… Continue Reading →

Geargals and Bikes: A History

If you are a regular reader you have undoubtedly notice our new writer, Marie, who has taken the proverbial ball and run fast and far with it. Reading her reviews, I hearken back to the days in which I was… Continue Reading →

Me On The Trail

I’ve written a lot about trail conflicts. I’ve been annoyed at most user groups and I’ve also been a member of most user groups. This year I experienced what it’s like to be a vulnerable trail user. I’ve been mostly… Continue Reading →

Hot Outdoors Trends: Urban Skatefishing

The way to be cool in the outdoors these days is not to do just one plain old activity. You have to add something else in. You can’t just go for a hike, you’ve got to carry something expensive with you so… Continue Reading →

How To Use Less Plastic

If you’re one of the millions still nursing a strained cringe reflex from the following agonizing video, it’s time to take some serious action to make sure this stops happening: The day after watching this, I took the trash over… Continue Reading →

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