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Arcade Guide Belt

I can’t let myself look at the Arcade Belts web site. If I do, I inevitably see yet another limited edition belt that I simply must have. Already I have purchased five belts. FIVE. In addition to the ones submitted… Continue Reading →

Nau Nazca Alpaca Sweater

I love the Fashion Weeks of New York, London, Paris and Milan because it gives me an opportunity to criticize. This year’s theme seemed to be the present confronting the past and transforming it into the future. But because the Nau… Continue Reading →

Toad & Co Mojacette overshirt

The Fashion Weeks of New York, London, Paris and Milan have come and gone, a tedious, month-long international relay of (over-priced and fugly) fashion that has zero functionality in real life. Sadly, the Toad & Co Mojacette overshirt ($109) was… Continue Reading →

Katadyn BeFree

The Katadyn BeFree ($39.95) is an ultra-lightweight and compact/collapsilbe water bottle with an integrated microfilter that allows you to filter water for drinking. It is, in fact, water filtration at its most nascent and basic core: Just fill the bottle… Continue Reading →

The Gear Gals Fall Running Kit

Even though the change from summer to fall means running in cooler temperatures, you still need to have the basics, like Balega socks, Sneaker Balls, SofSole Neutral Arch insoles, Brilliant stick-on reflective safety strips, a supportive Falke bra, some Chamois… Continue Reading →

The Gear Gals Zagat-like rating on Omeals, AlpineAire & Mountain House camping food

Freeze-dried camping food rarely evokes those orgasmic sensations oftentimes displayed on Andrew Zimmern’s face when he ingests a deep-fried scorpion-on-a-stick (they say it tastes like bean curd). But some recently sampled some meals and snacks from Mountain House, AlpineAir and… Continue Reading →

Osprey Mira AG 26L

Before I dive into the review of the Osprey Mira AG 26 ($165), a gratuitous rant is needed. So much of the outdoor industry’s spin on women-specific gear feels like a pervasive marketing gimmick to “reach women” and “engage them… Continue Reading →

Club Ride Joy Ride

The Club Ride Joy Ride ($89) is an urban cycling knicker that works equally well on singletrack. That’s the nice thing about testing out a pile of bike shorts: the opportunities to find use value beyond their intended marketing campaigns…. Continue Reading →

Bryton Rider 310

The Bryton Rider 310 ($100) tracks speed, cadence, heart rate, power and altitude, offers 5 different data screens and up to 8 data points on each that allow the cyclist to track up to 70 different metrics. If you don’t think you need… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Sarafin long-sleeve bomber jacket

The name of the Mountain Hardware Sarafin long-sleeve bomber jacket ($130) doesn’t really do it justice. It’s not really a “jacket” but a sweater and a durable one at that. Made in Italy, the Sarafin is made of a double-knit recycled… Continue Reading →

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