So this post was insanely popular. It seems to have struck a chord with many readers. I’d write something new for this week but I think I’ll just talk a little more about this topic (and by that I mean: let others talk about this topic for me).

Women’s Adventure Magazine posted the original article on their facebook page and asked readers what their reasons would be for dating an outdoors woman. Here are my favorites out of those posted:

Vicky Ellis Tate wrote: “You forgot to mention that if things go well a zirconium is fine if your savings purchases a Madone.” Ha! Ain’t that the truth.

Jenny Knox pointed out that if you date an outdoorsy woman, “You don’t wake up with a gal who looks different than the one you went to bed with” like you do when you date a makeup-wearer. I once had a (first) (blind) date who went on for about ten minutes about how he hated it when women left makeup stains on his pillows. If that’s not appalling enough, I discovered he’d issued the same rant to one of my friends who had been on a first/blind date with him years before. Given his designer jeans, $125 haircut, and snakeskin boots, I doubt he’s a match for an outdoorsy gal so I’m sure he’s still stuck with the makeup stains.

Michelle Stubbings, a woman after my own heart, suggested to men that “We like going fishing as much as you do.” That’s a good one, though I do warn that men hate it when we catch more fish than they do. In that case, though, I’ll refer them to Downside #2, “You might get schooled at something.” Schooled – get it?

Laurel Stiedemann points out that “everything is more fun with a tent” and if anyone can argue with that, they’re not doing it right.

Elizabeth from suggested that I remind guys that authentic outdoors women “climb with clothes on, hair up, and no makeup” and that men should have realistic expectations of actual women rather than glorifying some oversexualized (and fake) ideal. OK, what she said was in response to the sentiment from a guy that there are simply no attractive women climbers, and concluded it with a dry “What a disappointment that must be for him.”

My friend Scott reminded me that “the plusses are also minuses in some cases. Esp #1. Hell, especially #3 if you are drinking MY beer!” When it comes to the first item on the list (the undergarments one), Scott says he “appreciates a puzzle” when it comes to straps and buttons, but I stuck to my guns on that one because I don’t get off on the fumbling. As for beer….well, you’re just going to have to get used to sharing, guys.

Speaking of sharing, Laura Moyer suggested that guys might double their gear quotient by dating an outdoors-savvy lady if said gentleman takes good care of the borrowed gear. I’m not sure I’m with her on this one, but maybe she’s had better luck than I. Danni Sturman says that outdoorsy women are “willing to do our share” of the carrying, setting up, and taking down of the gear. This seems elemental, but okay, fair enough.

So readers: what are your favorite reasons for dating an outdoorsy woman? And what do YOU wish men (or women) knew before they tried?