FERA sent the Bliss Legging and the SOMA crew top over so we could check out their seamless base layer collection. The good news is that the leggings are super luxe. They fit great, are so comfortable and warm, and seem very high quality. I was surprised that they retail for only $40. The bad news is that they are so beautiful and comfortable I don’t like wearing them for actual skiing because I don’t want them to get wrecked. Ha! FERA assures me that the computer-knit construction means that they are super durable and sturdy, so not to worry – and they’re probably right. They do seem quite tough. Yet they’re so gorgeous that they’ve made it onto my “fashion” closet bar and not my base layer bin. Whether you choose to wear them under ski pants or under your skirt, you can’t really go wrong!

The crew top is made of the same soft, seamless fabric with “bodymapping” knit which I think helps with ventilation (and also with looking cool). It’s got the same luxurious feel as the tights. Unlike the tights, though, the top comes in a great variety of colors including a fabulous pink that I really covet right now. At $65, it’s a reasonable price for such a great-looking item. You could wear this top as a regular shirt as well as a base layer, and I love that it comes in both 1/4 zip and crew neck options. I’m a huge fan of 1/4 zip.

Both pieces are really versatile and could be used as base layers or outer layers; you could comfortably run in cool temps in the tights. The wide waistband of the tights also means they lie comfortably under any outer layers and don’t dig in like drawstrings or elastic do. High five! Seamless really does seem to be the way to go for base layers – I notice that the seamed ones keep filtering their way out of the bin. Seamless is more comfortable and versatile, and besides, it just looks fantastic. Check out the entire FERA collection here.