What does this have to do with anything about gear? I don’t know, but it’s a fun way to get a workout so I want to tell you all about it. After 37 years of workouts I’m always looking for ways to keep it new and fun and I suspect you all are too.

I first tried this when my friend got one in preparation for a surf trip. We tried it out in her well-padded basement and were soon having a blast trying to balance on the board. I actually broke a sweat and could feel the burn in my quads – so naturally I had to get one for myself. It’s fun as a quick balance workout, and is good for challenging push-ups too. I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of it but it scares me to watch people try it for the first time, so be sure that you have a safe place to fall when you first try it. And just a helpful hint – transitioning from Bongo Boarding on carpet to Bongo Boarding on tile is a significant leap so be careful!

I’m very keen to try the other Fitter First balance toys/tools like the ski simulator! Looks like a lot of fun.