Finally we have a proper winter storm sitting over southcentral Alaska. The tradition of the late season snow dump is still alive. This was threatening to rival the 36-inches-in-48-hours storm of….some years back (you Alaskans know which one), but it’s not gonna get there. Still, up on Hillside it’s looking like they’ll get at least 18 inches in places. Roads are too bad to go far so Geardog and I went out to play in the local woods. Basically this is a shameless excuse to post adorable pictures of my K-9.

He started out pretty full of energy.

Then he realized this was hard work.

He decided to come walk on the backs of my snowshoes for a while…

…but first he had to get to me.

It was over his back in places. There was a lot of wallowing.

It’s neck deep powder every day when you’re a dog. [Subtitle: Awww! That FACE!]