Over the last few days there has been a lot of conversation about gender norms and societal constructs, whether it’s OK to call women “girls,” and why power tools are not “womanly.” It’s hard to talk about it on Twitter so I thought I’d make a mini discussion board here for ease of conversation.

So, what do you think is manly? Is it even okay to call someone manly? I don’t think I ever have in the course of actual conversation. I have vague notions of what is a “man” as opposed to a “dude” or a “guy,” and it usually has to to with maturity and responsibility. The makeup (heh) of a “woman” instead of a “girl” or a “chick” isn’t as easy to quantify for a lot of people, because, as it’s been pointed out, being called a “woman” isn’t necessarily desirable (though neither is being called a girl or a chick so….).

So: space available for your thoughts in the comments.