Halulite Microdualist Cookset

I’ve been a longtime user of GSI Outdoors cooksets because of their practicality and this one didn’t disappoint. Designed for solo use, it’s well suited for the purpose, containing one pot and two double-duty bowl/cups as well as two folding spork thingies. There’s room left over for a superlite stove (the only kind I carry, really) and a fuel canister as well. This alone is such a selling point for me – I like things that are neat and compact when I travel. Without adding a stove and fuel, the entire set weighs less than 20 ounces which is great for soloists. I like the tall, narrow design of the pot because it’s easier to balance on a small stove. A very nice little cookset! It’s definitely going in my panniers on my camping trip to Iceland next summer. Bonus: the carry bag is welded so it serves as a small sink for washing up.

The sporks just seem like a gimme; but it’s nice to include them nonetheless – most people have forgotten their camp utensils a time or two so who knows, the folding spork, tucked into your cooking pot, might be your saving grace one day.

Personal Java Press

If the spork doesn’t do it for you, the personal Java Press will. Coffee and all the trimmings are my must-have, no-bad-days insurance policy when away from home. Everything seems better with a nice cup of french press coffee in the morning. The personal Java Press is just the right size for two cups of coffee in the morning. So, two of those and I’m good to go- ha! I have a large size Java Press as well and they both work fine, though the bigger size seems to inspire sharing behavior in campmates which is unacceptable when it comes to coffee. The personal size is small enough to make it obvious that I’m making coffee FOR ME.

I found a little bit of a durability issue with the slip-on cover that keeps the coffee warm; it’s sewn instead of welded and the seam split pretty quickly. I didn’t have this happen with my large size Java Press so maybe it’s just a small batch having the issue. It’s also a little cumbersome to carry both the coffee press and the little mug that comes with it – they do nest together but I had a hell of a time un-nesting them. I wonder if I just got a buggy “sample” kit which happens sometimes; sample runs are notoriously flawed. Still, if you have the cookset you can use one of the mugs from it instead of lugging along another one. Everyone wins, except that person wanting to share your coffee.