I’m kinda puzzled by these pants. Maybe I haven’t tried them in enough conditions, but I can’t figure out what they’re for. I wore them for backcountry skiing the other day, and had high hopes for a new favorite pair of pants. I based most of my hopes on fit; I loved that the Verglas pants were long enough, loose enough to be comfortable, and came with a 3/4 length zipper. I didn’t totally love the high-ish waist but I figured maybe it would be good for keeping powder out. I was stoked about trying them out and, after hacking off the powder cuffs as per my usual (what are they even FOR?) I headed out for a nice single digit day of touring.

I couldn’t get comfortable, temperature-wise. I think maybe I had on one too many base layers, but I sweated up a storm in these pants. Even venting via the side zippers didn’t help much. The biggest issue, though, was the fact that the pants got wet rather than breathed, at least in the hot spots under my backpack and its waist straps. When I got back to the car I shed the pants because they were too clammy for the drive home. Maybe this was my error in being overdressed, but I’m not sure what conditions would be best for these pants. Maybe super cold and precipitating? I don’t know, but I don’t think I’d want to sweat that much in these again. I’ll give them another shot next time without the extra baselayer, because the fit is so nice I hope I can somehow make them work out. Also, they look cool. They might just be meant for a colder temperature. Let’s hope so!

A few other mods might be helpful; the zippers are 3/4 which is great, but all the way up to the hips would be even better. There are two snaps and a hook; why two snaps and a hook? Maybe leave one out and make the waistband smaller/lower. Also, I don’t understand pants with only one hip pocket. Pockets are important, more pockets, more! Spare the powder cuffs and give us more pockets. Nobody does this, but I’d like to see a touring pant with a field book pocket on the back of the thigh. It would be more accessible when you are digging a pit or kneeling looking at layers. Anyway, that has nothing to do with these pants; I’m just being wistful about a nonexistent feature. Maybe a savvy gear designer will look at this and make me my dream pants complete with field book pocket. A girl can dream.