The way to be cool in the outdoors these days is not to do just one plain old activity. You have to add something else in. You can’t just go for a hike, you’ve got to carry something expensive with you so that you can do something else in the middle of your hike, then dismantle the gear you needed for that and finish hiking with it. Well, we have hit upon the hot new trend for 2015 before anyone else. Forget bikepacking, packrafting, skyrunning, runpacking, jumpclimbing, kitewalking, and all the other must-do outdoor activities that are boring the crap out of you now that everyone else does them. And definitely forget about plain old fishing. I present to you urban mud-skatefishing. You will need:

  1. A fishing pole,
  2. Stuff you don’t mind getting dirty,
  3. A city,
  4. A fishery in the middle of said city,*
  5. Mud flats,
  6. Nominal skate skiing skills, and
  7. Someone to take video so you look cool on the Internet.

You saw it here first.

*Though I suppose you could just pose and carry the pole around because the point here is to look cool and trendy, so if you don’t have a fishery it’s OK