My friend gave me a call mid-morning on Sunday. “Hey Jill,” she said, “I’m going for a bit of a road ride. Want to come?”

I rummaged desperately, quickly through my brain to find a good reason to beg off but none was handy. “I don’t see why not,” I admitted.

“Hah!” She crowed. “You don’t have a good reason! See you in a half hour.”

Twenty miles into what could only be an out-and-back with the turnaround point nowhere in sight, I grimly mocked, “A BIT of a road ride?”

“This IS a bit of a ride!”

Forty-five miles on a road bike in 49 degree weather, going pretty much uphill for half the miles and then back down into a headwind isn’t really a bit of anything but suffering for me. Evil woman.

Sigh. Roadies.