I just saw on Splitterchoss that some hopeless loser had left a bleating “why do women like assholes?” comment on the article I was reading (which had NOTHING to do with dating, which makes his comment all the more pathetic) and I could not resist posting a reply which I will also post here for your reading enjoyment. To help you make sense of the first part, the commenter to whom I am responding referred to the “proven science” that “women love assholes.”

Andrew: I find your science to be laughable, because, seemingly unbeknownst to you, your question indicates that you are in fact an asshole and I, a woman, do not love you at all. As a matter of fact I, a woman, greatly dislike any and all assholes regardless of their looks, financial and marital status, familial relation to me, or anything else that you likely think is a mitigating factor to assholishness.

Traditionally people who ask the question you ponder above are operating under the simple premise: “That woman I want is not dating me, she is dating that other guy. Therefore he must be an asshole and therefore women must love assholes. Women do not love me, therefore I must be a Nice Guy. I remain single because women do not love Nice Guys. My failure to obtain the woman I desire is due to the simple fact that I am a Nice Guy and wonderful ladies do not love Nice Guys.”

I would like to open your mind to a new idea: if women don’t like you, perhaps you are an asshole.

Step one in garnering the love and adoration of the ladies (and to stop being an asshole) is to stop thinking like an adolescent, stop putting women on some bizarre pedestal, stop feeling sorry for your damn pathetic self, and perhaps learn some social skills, especially the one that involves treating women like human beings instead of mythical unobtainable prizes held just out of your reach (where, by the way, they will remain until you learn these skills).

For additional information, I refer you to: http://www.heartlessbitches.com/rants/niceguys/ng.shtml