I couldn’t pass up featuring this sweater because it is the first item of clothing that my other half actually verbally admired. He’s not really one for telling me I look nice. I know, I know, you either think he’s a jerk for leaving me hanging or you think I should just deal because that’s how men are. Whatever.

Whichever doctrine you subscribe to, it always feels good to get a compliment. So when I donned the sweater, made my appearance, and was greeted with “wow, that looks good!” I mentally filed this sweater in my “look like a hottie” pile. I loved this sweater anyway – it’s warm, soft, comfy, versatile, and evidently looks really really good. I’ve never been a sweater person but I’ve worn the Feel at least three times this week already. I love the collar; you can unzip for a nice draft or zip it on up for a cozy warm guarantee against the cold. It’s classy enough to wear to the office and flattering enough to wear on a night out on the town, assuming that you live in a casual place or that “night on the town” isn’t synonymous with “show as much of one’s boobs as possible while still technically remaining clothed.” What can I say, I’m closing in on 40 here. But being almost 40 doesn’t exclude me from tasteless jokes, so I’ll remind you that this sweater is called the “Feel,” heh heh heh heh.

Back to the point: this sweater kicks ass. Lole is a new client for me, or I’d shamelessly claim that I need to review one in every color. How can I be sure if I REALLY like it if I haven’t worn all of the colors?!? Hey, someday that might work.