All right, the boss is out of town and she left me the keys to the web site! Yep, she’s off at the Outdoor Retailer trade show and, last I heard, was too exhausted to keep tabs on the site. So, when the cat’s away….the mice do as they’re told. You see, I got back from my trek on the Kesugi Ridge the day the Head Geargal left for the show, and she told me in no uncertain terms that I was to get this review posted while she was gone. The kind folks at Lowa have been waiting long enough, she sternly admonished. And here it is, Thursday already, and I’m just now getting this done. I know HG is busy at the show, but I swear I can feel the glowering from here. So here it is! [And here I am, posting it the following Friday. ahem. -HG]

Thanks, Lowa, for being patient. Sometimes we have to find just the right trip for the gear that comes our way. HG insisted that the Kesugi Ridge trip I was taking would be perfect – and how right she was! Not only is the Ridge a great, iconic Alaskan trip, but I had these nice, lightweight, supportive boots to take along. At first I was concerned that they wouldn’t be beefy enough, since they have a flatish sole and I’m used to a more curved, lugged sole – hard to describe. I even had a little trouble adapting, and turned my ankle a few times before I got used to the soles. That sounds like a negative, but it really wasn’t – Once I got used to placing my foot flat, it wasn’t a problem.

I was actually a perfect fit for this boot as I usually wear regular running shoes for hiking – yes, I’m an outdoors infidel – and I don’t like overly engineered footwear. These boots are kind of like regular sneaks on steroids, perfect for people who want just a little more than a running shoe and a little less than a high-tech clunky backpacking boot. These boots convinced me that I am not too good to wear a hiking boot, especially one as light and comfy as these. They didn’t have any break-in time and were impressively, consistently waterproof. Even though I’m still in trouble for not getting my review in on time, I still win, because I get to abscond with the boots because it’s not as if HG is going to want them back after a week-long backpacking trip with no showers available….

Get them at REI, click here!