I wish I had some gear to review, but I don’t. Instead I’m going to use today’s post to congratulate myself for finally learning to put my Multistrada on the center stand by myself. I’ve never owned a bike this big and heavy before and my last month’s worth of sporadic and tentative attempts to park it in my garage had me a little demoralized. I couldn’t get it to budge and was left feeling quite ridiculous after a few sessions of standing on the lever to no avail. Note that by “a month’s worth” of attempts, I only mean maybe two or three tries total, but I had so little success that I just counted myself out.

Then I went riding with my friend Gil, who is my height but rides bigger and heavier bikes than I do, in large part because he can afford not one but two behemoth bikes AND has the resources to have them lowered to fit him. Smart man. Anyway, as we stood in the rainy parking lot after lunch I asked for some help in my center-stand endeavor. After watching Gil take several attempts to heave the bike up and back before getting the knack of it, swearing to me that my 450 pound bike is more difficult to put up than his 800 pound BMW, I was emboldened.

By “emboldened” I mean that I seriously considered trying again for a few weeks but never actually did it.

Until today. For some reason today I’d had enough with the whole thing and banged that bike right up like a boss. I figure that all the weeks of thinking about it had created a vortex of visualization and had installed subconscious muscle memory so I couldn’t possibly fail. That, or I’ve had too many doughnuts lately and the extra baggage provided just enough additional leverage to tip the balance. You decide.