Not a long one, here, folks. Just a little weather report.

It’s late January in Alaska. 1am. Full on pouring rain in the middle of the night.

This isn’t normal, y’all.

Weather for the last ten and forecast for the next ten is above freezing and pouring rain.

I’m gonna call it and say that this is the worst winter I’ve ever lived through in Alaska, and I even remember a winter in high school that didn’t involve any snow so I remember some bad ones. Still, there wasn’t RAIN. Not this much rain. I’ve never seen this much rain in winter in this part of Alaska, ever. Winters like this are why I didn’t settle in Seattle, and moved back to Alaska. It’s not even the kind of “raining down here, snowing up there” kind of Bellingham rain. This is just rain. Top to bottom. It sucks.

Things aren’t looking good around here.