It’s that time of year – time to get insured. It’s inevitable, because it’s the law now.

Sure, there are flaws in this law, like the fact that it’s still for-profit insurance companies who set insurance premiums, and as Americans we all are still forced to collectively bend over for Big Pharm, but those flaws really can’t be pinned on Obamacare itself. You can blame a bunch of asshole conservative politicians for keeping single payer, oh sorry, “public option,” off the table if Obamacare was to be passed. Was I really the only one paying attention when the first 1,000+ page bill hit the table and the first thing that happened was that single payer got yanked before it even made it into the bill? Thanks to those progressive politicians for trying to get it in there, anyway.

Let’s skip for a moment how sickening it is that our lawmakers are essentially children with toys (us) who use said toys (us) for bargaining chips to make themselves look big and powerful. Let’s do a little learnin’ together on how Obamacare benefits women, and specifically, outdoors-women, who by nature of our low paying seasonal jobs are less likely to be covered by employer health insurance (let’s also ignore for a moment that even employer health insurance is PAID BY SOMEONE and that person is us; we get lower pay so our employers can afford to buy us insurance). Here’s why you should be damn happy we have Obamacare:

1. Insurers can no longer charge more to cover you because you are female. Insurers used to charge healthy, nonsmoking women over 30% more than they charged men who smoked. Nice, eh? Well, now we’ve fixed that.

2. You can get insurance if you have a “pre-existing condition” whereas before Obamacare, tough luck.

3. You cannot be dropped from your policy just cuz. This is the one that happened to me under the old system; my $600/month premiums mattered nothing to Blue Cross when I had an irregular pap and they thought I might have to have expensive procedures (I didn’t). They dropped me like a hot potato and BOOM I was uninsurable until now. Naysayers, don’t even start with me about how it wasn’t legal to drop me, it was, HELLO, this is why we needed Obamacare. Oh, so you don’t think that should have been legal? Well, now it’s not. Thanks to Obamacare.

4. Your birth control is covered, by law. Private insurance can’t pretend that only women benefit from birth control, and they MUST cover it 100%. Ever notice how the right wing hates Planned Parenthood, but excused the lack of coverage for birth control with “Birth control is free at Planned Parenthood,” which is both a) a lie and b) a fallacy that ignores the fact that Planned Parenthood has to get money from somewhere to provide birth control at any sort of discount. Anyway, now, your insurance HAS TO cover birth control for you. Despite the wishes of the 48 Republicans who voted for the Blunt Amendment in 2012, which would have given your boss the freedom to decide whether you deserved birth control coverage or not.

5. New mothers are covered after having their baby. Medicaid used to cover needy pregnant women, true, but kicked them out of the system two months after giving birth. Now, no more of that, they’re covered.

6. Freedom from job and marriage lock: if you’re staying in a toxic relationship with an employer or a spouse because you need health insurance, you are free now. Moving jobs doesn’t jeopardize your insurance. Breaking up with your dickhead husband doesn’t, either. Dump him, already.

7. All health insurance plans MUST cover maternity care. I’m “meh” on this one for a lot of reasons but a lot of you aren’t, so here’s your babymaking coverage. They can’t deny it to you. Cheer if you want babies!

8. Mammograms are covered by every single policy. Even if you’re not old enough now, you will be one day.

9. Women’s preventative care services are covered by every policy. Weren’t they before? Nope! Even if they were covered by your policy, you probably had to pay a copay. Now, all these services are covered with NO COPAY. Covered 100%! You get: a) annual well-woman visits, b) screening for gestational diabetes, c) HPV testing, d) STI/STD counseling, e) HIV screening and counseling, f) birth control, g) breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling, and h) domestic and interpersonal violence screening and counseling. That’s ten preventative care services that no policy can refuse you.

10. HPV testing is covered 100% too. HPV affects both men and women, but our beloved Big Pharm hasn’t bothered to come up with a test for men, so there’s no way to screen your lovers for this potentially health and life threatening disease. Now at least your policy will provide 100% coverage for testing for you, so you know what’s up.

BONUS 11: The government will help you pay your premium if you’re poor. So it’s sorta stupid that we let Big Pharm rake in the totally astronomically UNREAL profits unchecked but spend government money to help people afford them, I know. Get with it, government, fix that shit. But you know what? If you are an outdoors person and make very little money at your seasonal job, or are deluded enough to think that living in your car on an eternal road trip is a viable career choice, well, hey, Obamacare is here to help. Now, get a job already.

There are many more reasons, but I gave you ten and then ten more within that ten (see #9) and also a bonus #11. And here, go watch this again:

Seriously, watch this.

I was tempted to pepper this article with links to prove these statements, but you know what? If you’re savvy enough to find your way to this article, you will have no problem utilizing Le Google or El Bing to find the info, if you don’t believe me.

Be happy we have Obamacare if you are female and like the outdoors. You can now break your legs in peace, sorta. But I encourage you to keep leaning on our unresponsive, dysfunctional, anti-intellectual government to keep working on this issue and get us an even better system. We need it. Go watch that video, really.