It’s a pretty good bet for Patagonia to get their money’s worth when they send me dresses to review. Chances are I will love the dress and buy three more for myself, and the Morning Glory dress is no exception to that rule. I asked Patagonia for a teal colored dress (teal is a lovely and flattering color that somehow has been bumped off the color charts for the last few years – damn color consultants – so I was excited to see teal make an appearance in the line this year) and, after trying it, I now own this same dress in coral, dark blue, and black. I would have even more but I decided to stop there because four, while not enough, is bordering on excessive considering the many other Patagonia dress styles I own in many colors.

The Morning Glory is a pretty standard-looking backless A-line dress with a plunging neckline and a simple tie at the back of the neck to adjust for fit. Some might shy away from this style because it’s not bra-friendly and the deep neckline might be intimidating. This dress compensates nicely for those concerns, though, with a fairly stout fabric doubled up along the bustline for coverage and support. A quick adjustment with the tie and I never had one slippage or gapping issue. The fabric is thankfully not sheer so it doesn’t cling or lend itself to accidental exposures via camera flash. This is the same fabric that the Bandha dress USED to be made of; hopefully Patagonia will just stay with this for the Morning Glory because sheer is just too hard to deal with. I admit that’s why I buy so many when I find a dress I like; what if they change it later to something that doesn’t work for me?

Because of the neckline, this dress is perfect to use for a beach cover-up. It’s easy to get your bikini top on while sitting in the front seat of the car still wearing this dress, which tends to impress particularly in mixed company. Apres-beach, it’s just as easy to toss the Morning Glory over your bikini and perform your own little Point Break quick-change moment without the high difficulty level of towel and jean shorts (that’s for pros like Tyler). Go ahead and put it on over your wet swim suit; the dress will dry almost immediately. Best of all, once you’re done with that, you look absolutely amazing because the Morning Glory is super flattering.

Note to brides (why? I don’t know, this just came to mind, go with it); you can make your bridesmaids like you again by putting them in a simple, elegant, inexpensive, and useful dress like this for your wedding instead of subjecting them to a boutique horror they’ll never wear again. Just about everyone looks good in it and they’ll get years of use out of it.

Product submitted for review by Patagonia.