I shamelessly asked PI to send some tights with their sample shipment. I admit it. To the bike industry, winter = knickers which just doesn’t cut it in Alaska. I have learned in recent years that most “bad weather” gear is just Lower 48 bad weather gear, which is like Alaskan summer gear at times. Knickers just mean I have to put even more pants on to cover up the parts that the knickers leave uncovered. I’m so tired of knickers.

So, the tights! They are fantastic! Oh, the difference fabric can make. So warm and soft and nice! I’ve really been doing myself a disservice by not looking into these earlier. Before, I’d just load on the base layers and put a softshell pant or insulated pant over the top. That worked OK, but these thermal tights work WAY better. So, part of my enamorado with these tights might be because it’s a way better system than what I was using before. Still, I think this is a great product. I wish I had another pair. I’d BUY another pair, that’s how much I like them.

The fit is really nice. PI doesn’t appear to indulge in vanity sizing so a size up won’t hurt (I’m a North American size 6 and the Medium fits really well). They’re not exactly low rise, but they’re not mom tights either so I have no issues with the fit. They look great on their own; very flattering, if you’re into that kind of thing. The waistband starts right at my hipbones which is super comfortable even though the 2″ wide waistband does peek out above my favorite overpants which have a little lower rise. Since I’m wearing winter pants I usually have lots of layers covering that up, so no biggie. Most importantly, they don’t bunch or ride up, they’re nice and snug without being tight; nothing not to like here. Even the waistband is great – very wide and comfortable, no annoying drawstring, stays put. I plan to wear them every day forever, or at least until it gets above 60.

Are you getting the idea that I really, really like these tights? Well then this post is a success.