Recently I changed my Twitter pic from the Geargals logo to a picture of me. People pretty roundly approved, saying it made me more approachable, etc. OK, I get that, but I find that I’m feeling a little weird. For so long I had hardly any personal stuff on this site. I still really do have barely any compared to some, but I’m not really one to put my life on the internet, so you get what little I am willing to share. Blogging and twittering is fun, and I find that I feel like I can even get to know other people just a bit by using Twitter, but I have to wonder if I’m just creating a cadre of strangers who feel as if they know me because we chat on Twitter and I occasionally put a snippet of personal info on this still-new blog page on the web site. I like a lot of people on Twitter but let’s face it, most of us don’t know each other’s real names and I’ve never met any of my Twitter “friends” (yet).

I really am uncomfortable with the idea of meeting someone and having them know all about me when I don’t even know their name, so it’s a big step for me to even put pictures of myself up on this blog at all. I suppose I should just get over it, considering that compared to some I am an online recluse. But I think mostly I’ll just stay in my comfort zone and post relevant topics and random pictures and what have you, and see where all this goes.

In other news, in one of my least-best laid plans, I decided to climb an off-camber, icy, muddy, greasy singletrack, reasoning that if when I fell, my bike would slip out from underneath me and I’d just fall on the hill side, which wasn’t very far to fall. I forgot that my recently-unbroken wrist was also on the hill side. I could not have fallen more squarely onto that rock with my hurt wrist if I tried. Damn! Luckily no actual damage was done, just some pain and suffering. Oh, the humanity! But don’t worry, I’ll be OK. There was a nice snow berm there for emergency wrist icing.

I also feel obliged to mention that some absolute and total jackass had tied his/her 2 month old puppy to their truck tire with a climbing rope with no water, no bedding, no food, and no shelter in the parking lot while they went off to play on the bike trails. What’s more is that the pup was clearly underfed and although friendly, was acting very strangely and seemed quite ill. I’d not be too surprised if the little fella had parvo; he was very uncomfortable and had clearly been suffering from recent diarrhea. Now, while I adore most things outdoors, I don’t adore some outdoorspeople, because lots of them do absolute douchebag things like that. We gave the pup water but that’s pretty much the limit of what we could do. I don’t know why I’m posting this other than just to vent about it, because it was pretty upsetting.