Proof requires a video! Which is what ProEditors, a video editing service that takes the raw footage from your phone, camera or GoPro and edits it into something that doesn’t put your viewers to sleep, is all about.

They offer a series of videos designed to help the non-pro enhance their videographer skills for a final product that is worthy of Facebook “likes”, YouTube shares and probably even a Mountain Film Festival entry:

  1. iPhone tips-
  2. Shot composition-
  3. Slow motion-
  4. GoPro settings, part 1-
  5. GoPro settings, part 2-

The how-to vid’s start with the basics first (“check device is turned to ‘on’ position”) then runs the budding videographer into the more complex aspects of the video-making process like shot composition, capturing better slo-mo footage and deciphering the advanced settings of your GoPro.

Finally, ProEdit offers the pizza resistance: A professional editing service!

It doesn’t matter if you shoot video with a DSLR, iPhone, Droid, GoPro. You can upload your raw video to their website and they will take care of the rest.

How easy is this to do? Very. This is all I did to add that wow-factor to the video of a neighbor’s dog playing in the snow:

  1. Created an account.
  2. Uploaded two short videos.
  3. Created a name for my video.
  4. Selected a theme. Here you have some cool options. You can choose “Extreme”, “Family Vacation”, “Road Trip”, “Event Promotion”, “Winter Vacation”, “Rafting” or “Mountain Biking”. I chose “Winter Vacation” since the (very bad) video I took was sort of on a winter vacation and watching the cute little mutt play was the only thing worth filming.
  5. Highlighted sections I wanted to keep (note: this is easier done if you upload in MP4 instead of .mov).
  6. Hit the upload button again and was taken to the order and payment page.

I submitted three very short and tatty video clips from my phone and ProEditors did their thing. What do you think?