So these are technically “fishing shorts.” Redington is a fishing brand and I like to fish so I thought it would be a good fit. The thing is that I can’t actually remember the last time I got to fish in shorts. Up here fishing is done in head-to-armpit rubber and neoprene, standing in seriously cold water. The likelihood of me being able to use these shorts for their intended sport is low, so I decided to just wear them doing other stuff. And the crazy thing is that I love them! But I’ve never fished in them and probably never will.

They’re longer than I typically wear – 10″ inseam, which translates into just-above-knee length which turns out to be a new favorite length for shorts. I didn’t realize how versatile this length is. You can hike, sightsee, ride motorcycles (this was an important discovery, since my shorter-shorts left too much leg exposed and I had some stick-to-vinyl-seat issues, ew. Yes, yes, you should always ride in full protective gear, of course, shorts are inappropriate), and even throw a short dress over for a kicky, trendy look when traveling. The latter use is really pretty awesome because you can look great and have pockets under your dress which, trust me, are handy when traveling.

And pockets are one thing the Redington shorts have. There are two zippered thigh pockets, two front hip pockets and two back hip pockets. Despite all this, there’s no bulk or odd wrinkling. The styling is spot-on. The sizing is also well-done. Though the shorts only come in S-M-L sizing, they fit pretty well. I usually wear a 6 and the size S is on the “gracious” end of the standard 4-6 sizing for a S. The fit is relaxed and they hang nicely on the hips. I think these would be a little on the large side for women who are on the small side of a size 4. Still, the generous sizing makes them really comfortable and lends a trendy, relaxed look.

So they are fishing-branded but there’s no reason not to enjoy these shorts for a hike or sightseeing trip. They languished in my closet a while before I started to really appreciate them, but I can happily recommend them to anyone looking for a great hiking and/or travel option. I will likely reach for these for my one pair of travel shorts the next time I go adventuring.