This is the second sports bra from RYU (pronounced “roo” as I found out only after calling the company, who knew?) I’ve tried this month, and after the rave I gave the other one, the Siren had big shoes to fill. It didn’t disappoint, though; it’s the most creative sports bra I’ve gotten my hands on.

My online colleague Heidi Swift is right on in saying the Siren is beautiful, because it is. Nice and comfortable and soft, with great detailing. The thing that I found most interesting was the modesty padding on the bra. It’s really nice for support and shaping. This is a bra you can wear under a normal shirt or dress and not look like you’re wearing a sports bra. The straps are incredibly non-annoying; I don’t even notice them at all. RYU seems to have a gift for bras with non-intrusive straps. I love it.

The sizing is pretty flexible. I wear a size 6 and am not too big up top (I just refuse to tell the Internet my bra size, it’s none of your business, creeps), but I usually wear M sports bras because I have muscles and I can’t stand restrictive tops. The M in the Siren is juuuuustttt barely bordering on too big. I could have gone for a small in this one, I’m pretty sure, but the M will work fine. Even though I feel a little extra room in the bra, it still supports just fine. Don’t stress too much on the sizing. Your assumption for your size is probably going to work just fine. I highly recommend this sports bra; it’s probably the only one I’ve ever seen that you can wear straight from workout to normal clothes and still look totally normal. Nice work, RYU!

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