Here’s a quick vid of the basic method by which I move Geardog around an active ski resort. There’s more to it than this but this is the basic way to ski down a mellow slope with a dog in a safe and controlled position. This keeps him under control so that he doesn’t run into the path of another skier, and protects him from potential collisions as much as possible. I can also pick him up and carry him (which, admittedly, is hard on the arms and quads) or, on steep sections, I can sideslip while he trots a few feet upslope of me. When I’m doing that, I sideslip mostly backwards and watch uphill for approaching skiers because resort skiers can’t even see each other skiing on human level, let alone a dog trotting along at dog level.

Sorry for the part where the person holding the camera decides to run and film at the same time – it’s short, if that’s any consolation. Someday I’ll make a better video of this for you.