Getting her up on the center stand on a sloping driveway; easy. Getting her down…not so much.

I closed the sale on my Multistrada today. I rode it all last summer and really liked it; it’s a Ducati through and through. A superpowered dual sport with that real Ducati feel. Most days I cruised through roundabouts a few more times than necessary just to feel the way it felt.

But it wasn’t the right bike for me to keep. I was up on my toes at every stop light. When fatigued, the effort to keep it upright would make my calves shake. Getting it out of my garage was a lot more of a production than I would have preferred (I may or may not have dropped it on the downhill side of my off-camber driveway just trying to put my foot down at one point and my lower back may or may not have things to tell about that little adventure). And taking it off the center stand is pretty funny when I forget my feet are four inches from the floor when it’s up there.

Finding a bike when you’re short is hard enough. Letting go of one you like because you’re short and it’s not is a challenge unto itself. But, it had to be done, and I’m eyeing the much-more-my-size Monster these days.