Every Alaskan has some Sorels. I think it’s part of the customary check at the border. Luckily for us, Sorel has come a long way in combining style and substance. They’ve developed a line of boots named after famous female historical figures, with style nods to their eras. The Cate the Great was my choice, in large part because I’m named after the boot’s namesake, Catherine the Great.

That’s actually not true, I have no idea why my middle name is what it is, but I like the story so it stays.

I really love these boots; they’re just the ticket for heavy snowfall days around the city. I wouldn’t recommend them for active pursuits and they’re not really designed for that. They don’t provide any support and are too flexible for comfort in backcountry travel. However, they are absolutely ideal for critical Alaskan activities like attending the Running of the Reindeer, watching the Town Square fireworks, and attending New Year’s Eve celebration bonfires in Girdwood. I don’t want to wear my mountaineering boots for those events, and not just because they don’t look as good with skirts. These Sorels are perfect.

Don’t forget to check out the other styles for the one that fits you the best. You can get the Cate the Great at Backcountry.com for an even $200.