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Bike Bag Dude Frame Bag

GearGals is all about gear that’s been designed and made for female outdoor adventurists. Technically, the Bike Bag Dude doesn’t have a female-specific range; instead, the Bike Bag Dude selects, designs and sews frame bag setups to meet customers’ needs… Continue Reading →

Pedal Stretch Breathe: The Yoga of Bicycling

Riding your bike is all about connection. On a good day, you’ll feel at one with the bike. You’ll feel every bump and curve of the trail through the wheels and frame. The ground you are riding over will feel… Continue Reading →


In recent years I’ve been riding a lot more mountain bikes than motorcycles. I notice that good mountain bike habits don’t always jive with good motorcycle riding habits. I find that when I ride my motorcycle, I’m better at riding… Continue Reading →

What I Was Talking About – Bike Clothing I Like

When I posted my piece on the cycling industry’s lack of growth and it was reprinted by Bicycle Times, I got a bunch of comments, both public and private, supportive and opposing. Most of the comments were in support of… Continue Reading →

The Cycling Industry’s Elephant

The venerable Rick Vosper wrote about the elephant in the industry – the cycling industry that is. You know what it’s like having an elephant around; it’s that thing that is glaringly obvious yet has no immediate solution so everyone… Continue Reading →

Human + Bicycle = Target

So there I am, riding my fat bike on a grey and rainy Alaska spring breakup day. The roads are flooded with meltwater, the sidewalks and bike trails are either choked with snow and slush or coated in slick ice,… Continue Reading →

Confucious is My Bike Mechanic

I love this one guy who works on my bike. He says almost nothing. When he does say something it’s fairly monosyllabic. But everything that goes unsaid is writ large on his face, best viewed from 3/4 rear angle to… Continue Reading →

Why Singlespeed Riders Are Annoying

Today I woke up very stoked, knowing that I had a women’s group ride to look forward to this morning. I’d love to brag that we got at it bright and early, but a chilly 19 degree morning didn’t exactly… Continue Reading →

Pseudo-Single-Speed Experiment

It’s quite possible that I have too much time on my hands, or maybe too many bikes? It doesn’t seem like either of these things is true, yet I seem to have hit upon a project that a lot of… Continue Reading →

The Realities of Snow Biking

Today I borrowed a friend’s Surly Pugsley to go for a snow bike ride. It had snowed about 12 inches and at the very least that meant that I would not come back from the ride covered in mud. You… Continue Reading →

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