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Alaskan Dog Caught In Conibear Trap Set On Hiking Trail

I am reprinting this from an informative email sent out by an official. I’ve stripped out all the identifying information that I could. I just wanted to put the information out there, especially for Alaskans who aren’t aware of the… Continue Reading →

The Experience of Searching

My dog and I are the only K9 search and rescue team on the vast island on which we live. We started our career in southcentral Alaska, which is quite different in climate, topography, and vegetation from the island. We… Continue Reading →

Skookum Dog

None of these pictures (or dogs) are mine. I got them from the Skookum Dog web site. I almost never turn down dog gear samples. As a result I’ve got a dog who loves the FedEx delivery person and, in… Continue Reading →

Video Reviews: Launch or Demise

So, I tried this, because I was tired of typing and this woman said to try it. So now, I’m tired of video editing and rendering and uploading. But, four products reviewed in one night is pretty good. And by… Continue Reading →

Geardog Breaks Trail

Finally we have a proper winter storm sitting over southcentral Alaska. The tradition of the late season snow dump is still alive. This was threatening to rival the 36-inches-in-48-hours storm of….some years back (you Alaskans know which one), but it’s… Continue Reading →

Since It’s Oscar Season and All

Safe Skiing With Dog

Here’s a quick vid of the basic method by which I move Geardog around an active ski resort. There’s more to it than this but this is the basic way to ski down a mellow slope with a dog in… Continue Reading →

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