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Firstgear HT Overpants

It’s that time of year again – riding season! Of course, there’s always Muriel, who rides her Ural all year ’round even here in Alaska. For her, there is no such thing as “riding season.” Today as we shot the… Continue Reading →

On This Way

I’m doubled over in the shower, the lukewarm water an agony. I’m balancing on my heels so my toes don’t touch anything. They’re on fire, they’re cramped with pain, and I can barely stand it. I’m frenetically rubbing my legs… Continue Reading →

Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket

I admit that when I switched from sport bike riding to dual sport riding, this is the jacket that I coveted from the word go. It’s not just because it’s mostly grey, I swear. I do love grey. The grey… Continue Reading →

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