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Video Reviews: Launch or Demise

So, I tried this, because I was tired of typing and this woman said to try it. So now, I’m tired of video editing and rendering and uploading. But, four products reviewed in one night is pretty good. And by… Continue Reading →

Nutrition Alternatives

Nutrition, aka “eating,” is important for our enjoyment of sports and outdoor activities. In the words of a wise man I know, “food makes you happy” and can mean the difference between a fun, action-packed, exciting trip and a total… Continue Reading →

Clif Bar Variety Pack

Above photo credit to Iceman. Nice shot, dude! This review is a collaboration between Ice and his wife, who runs marathons. Last time I tried to call her he said “oh, she has fifteen more miles to run.” I’m a… Continue Reading →

Bela Sardines

The blog never suffers for lack of testers. You’d be amazed at how many people willingly accept gear samples, even though they have to actually wear and use the gear and then tell what they think about it. You’d think… Continue Reading →

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