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Link: The Problem With Women’s Outdoor Gear

The Toast just published this awesome article, “Outfitting for Adventure: The Problem With Women’s Outdoor Gear” by Kate Worteck, in which I am quoted. Kate did a great job of summarizing all the issues with women’s gear, and the comments… Continue Reading →

North Platte River Fly Shop: because shopping local isn’t just for organic carrots

We’ve all been there. Pushed through the heavy, industrial-grade oaken double doors of a national retailer to an ocular orgasm of Patagonia in every price range and style from New! This! Season! to last season’s leftovers at 50% off. But… Continue Reading →

Outdoor Best Buys

Outdoor gear is stupid expensive. Sometimes it’s worth it. Sometimes it’s not. The thing is, given the advances in washer/dryer technology, of which I have partaken quite heavily, gear hardly ever wears out anymore. It’s really mostly the rigors of… Continue Reading →

Five (Outdoors) Things I Can’t Live Without

I was just cruising through the blogosphere, checking out what other people were writing (paleo ice cream? Really? How is a mashed banana ice cream?) and read one woman’s blog of the five things she can’t live without. Lipstick, a… Continue Reading →

Five Gear Hacks Just For Women

One side effect of the paywall we just slammed up is that I am getting to know the readers a lot better as they write in with questions about how to navigate the new system. It’s really cool to be… Continue Reading →

Gear Frenzy

It’s that time of year again, when hopeful thru-hikers (PCT, AT, CDT) are getting ready to go. I know this because I love long distance hiking. Not enough to trudge obsessively 25 miles plus a day for five months, but… Continue Reading →

Life Cycle: Thumbs Up to REI

This weekend we made a trip out to the glacier to get some summer ice climbing in. Every year the glacier moves, as glaciers do, and most times it moves so that the seracs form new and interesting climbing formations…. Continue Reading →

Hype Nation

You know I never hold back when I don’t like the gear I’m trying out, particularly if the gear is just openly stupid. I’ll be gentle on a well-intentioned product, but lazy, sexist, and foolish gear designers and openly consumerist… Continue Reading →

Heli Skiing Gear Essentials

I’m getting gear industry fatigue. The constant silly and overblown marketing and equally silly and overblown consumer reaction to said marketing just makes me tired. I just saw an article about “essentials for heli-skiing” followed by a list of highly… Continue Reading →

Things That Represent Women, According to Our Gear

Often, when I walk through a gear store or participate in outdoor activities with men, I notice one distinct difference in our clothing and gear. Well, ok, two- color is an obvious one. Companies have started making a lot more… Continue Reading →

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