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Hot Outdoors Trends: Urban Skatefishing

The way to be cool in the outdoors these days is not to do just one plain old activity. You have to add something else in. You can’t just go for a hike, you’ve got to carry something expensive with you so… Continue Reading →

The Lifestyle Section is People!

Guys, guys, guys, wow, hold up for a second, we’ve got a real outdoors issue on our hands.  We as a community have a problem and we’re in trouble. What’s the problem? Well, to put it gently – outdoor style… Continue Reading →

Ten Things To Do When You’re Injured

Injuries are the worst. From tweaked shoulders to blown spines, all represent a serious (though hopefully temporary) change in lifestyle. You go from happy and healthful to bored and bedbound with one bad decision or bit of bad luck, or,… Continue Reading →

Outdoorsy Fallacies: There Is No Bad Weather

You don’t have to be into outdoor stuff long before someone trots out this at once tired and also insane bit of tripe. “There’s no bad weather, just bad gear!” trumpets some attention-seeker in response to a reasonable concern about… Continue Reading →

Why Are Cyclists So Pedantic?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Reviews section you’ve seen some mansplainin’ going on around here. We don’t take too kindly to that in these parts so you’ve also seen some sarcasm a’flyin’. I’ve handled mansplainers before (who hasn’t?),… Continue Reading →

Outdoorsy Fallacies: The Road Not Taken

This is the first in my sure-to-be-lengthy “Outdoorsy Fallacies” series. Yes, I wrote all of them up into one HUGE post and then gave up, knowing that most people just skim and no longer have the attention span to read… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Worst Outdoor Pictures People Take

At this point you may be wondering why I have an outdoor blog, because it’s pretty clear that everything about outdoor blogs bugs the crap out of me. 90% of outdoor blog content is exactly the frickin’ same and I… Continue Reading →

Five (Outdoors) Things I Can’t Live Without

I was just cruising through the blogosphere, checking out what other people were writing (paleo ice cream? Really? How is a mashed banana ice cream?) and read one woman’s blog of the five things she can’t live without. Lipstick, a… Continue Reading →

Ideas Floating Through

Not much of substance tonight. Just some ideas drifting through that probably aren’t worth developing into a larger article. Hence, a list: 1. Alaska is not the place for stupid stunts. We must have the highest helicopter rescue fuel-to-idiot ratio… Continue Reading →

The Cult of Busy

I know what you think this post is going to be about. You think it’s going to be about all these people who are so engrossed with their own goings-on that they are too busy for LIFE. You think I’m… Continue Reading →

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