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Patagonia Untracked Pants and Jacket

The search for a do-it-all jacket/pants combo is over. Patagonia has hit it out of the park with the Untracked series. I love them for resort and backcountry skiing, the fit is great, and the features are outstanding. There you… Continue Reading →

Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket Hoody

  I find it endlessly amusing that Patagonia now has to call the Down Sweater the Down Sweater Jacket. The “Sweater” part must have confused people.  Let me assure you that this is a down jacket – not a heavy… Continue Reading →

Patagonia Fiona Parka

Feeling ogre-ish about the falling mercury? Slip into the Patagonia Fiona Parka for a respite.  I love it for snowy days; the length keeps the snow off my poor beleagered quads. Long and tailored to fit, the Fiona will flatter the… Continue Reading →

North Platte River Fly Shop: because shopping local isn’t just for organic carrots

We’ve all been there. Pushed through the heavy, industrial-grade oaken double doors of a national retailer to an ocular orgasm of Patagonia in every price range and style from New! This! Season! to last season’s leftovers at 50% off. But… Continue Reading →

Patagonia Nano-Air Jacket

    You’ve probably already heard about this jacket as it was assessed to death when it first came out.  The idea of the jacket technology is that it’s so insulating and breathable that once you put it on, you… Continue Reading →

Search and State S1-J Cycling Jacket

Every time a new company launches without a women’s line, I grouch at and shame them via social media or, sometimes, just inwardly in my head when there’s no other outlet. I did the same to new-ish fancy bike apparel… Continue Reading →

Brooks-Range Azara Hoody

I just discovered a new personal quirk. Apparently when I post a review I compulsively must post a picture of the item in the same color in which I reviewed it. If it’s not the same color, I just can’t… Continue Reading →

Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket

If there’s one thing this gear reviewing venture has taught me is that you can count on brands that are good. I’ve been exposed to brands I’d never before tried through this gig, which is awesome and educational as well… Continue Reading →

Millet Heel Lift Jacket

Note/Edit – just after I wrote this, my Heel Lift jacket developed a hole where my bear spray canister rubbed against it. So, the outer fabric is not very tough – just be aware. Second edit: Jacket completely died after… Continue Reading →

Patagonia Super Cell Jacket

  I had such a pile in the “to test” closet that today I chose by color. I was headed out to go blueberry picking to help fill the freezer for the winter, so I chose whatever was closest to… Continue Reading →

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