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Ten Things To Do When You’re Injured

Injuries are the worst. From tweaked shoulders to blown spines, all represent a serious (though hopefully temporary) change in lifestyle. You go from happy and healthful to bored and bedbound with one bad decision or bit of bad luck, or,… Continue Reading →

Outdoorsy Fallacies: There Is No Bad Weather

You don’t have to be into outdoor stuff long before someone trots out this at once tired and also insane bit of tripe. “There’s no bad weather, just bad gear!” trumpets some attention-seeker in response to a reasonable concern about… Continue Reading →

Breath of the Dragon

Though it’s unseasonably warm for mid-May and fully green grass and leafed-out trees are a joy to behold for Alaskans used to grey and brown vegetation until early June, my windows are shut tight against the spring air. The sky… Continue Reading →

Alaska Bites

The hike to Rabbit Lake isn’t a particularly long one, and it’s quite easy as Alaska hikes go, therefore it’s extremely well traveled. I’m old enough to remember the time when you had to cross a chunk of private property… Continue Reading →

Ideas Floating Through

Not much of substance tonight. Just some ideas drifting through that probably aren’t worth developing into a larger article. Hence, a list: 1. Alaska is not the place for stupid stunts. We must have the highest helicopter rescue fuel-to-idiot ratio… Continue Reading →

Let Out To Let In

When I bought my house I thought I’d keep it for 3-4 years, renovate and flip it, and trade up. Instead, I went on a few big trips, lived out of state, done some world traveling, and never got around… Continue Reading →

Weights and Measures: Countering the “Bum” Lifestyle

I recently had a conversation with a friend about issuing value judgements via objecting to the “[insert sport here] bum” lifestyle. A value judgment, by the way, is a subjective evaluation of a person or action, based on one’s own… Continue Reading →

Busy, Revisited

I’m not sure that my last post really got my point across. Basically I just ranted about being busy, and how that is…something. What I was trying to discuss was the fact that Type A’s like me, with our busy… Continue Reading →

The Cult of Busy

I know what you think this post is going to be about. You think it’s going to be about all these people who are so engrossed with their own goings-on that they are too busy for LIFE. You think I’m… Continue Reading →

Mountain Rescue: Awesomes and Bummers

Awesome: Getting a callout that is bound to be long and arduous just as you sit down to a nice fortifying pasta dinner Bummer: Not getting to have a glass of wine at dinner because you got the callout right… Continue Reading →

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