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Icon 1000 Elsinore Motorcycle Boots

I bought these beauties with my own precious dollars and I’m breaking my guideline (not a rule) about reviewing only gear submitted for that purpose, mostly because these boots are a limited production run and if you don’t get ’em… Continue Reading →

Schuberth C3W Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets. Neglected by yours truly. Look on this entire site, and you see..what? Two helmets reviewed (I had to go look that up, it’s been so long since I reviewed a helmet). And it’s not even my motorcycle helmet. Why…. Continue Reading →

Klim Traverse Pants

It took an exhaustive search to find these pants. I think I tried every pair of motorcycle pants in the store, and most definitely in the women’s section. When I saw these tucked behind the oversized display of men’s jackets,… Continue Reading →

Spring Remains Coiled

This is enough of a cautionary tale that I wish I was the kind of person to take pictures of anything and everything at the drop of a hat. I’d have some scary mangled motorcycle pictures for you. It’s safe… Continue Reading →

Firstgear HT Overpants

It’s that time of year again – riding season! Of course, there’s always Muriel, who rides her Ural all year ’round even here in Alaska. For her, there is no such thing as “riding season.” Today as we shot the… Continue Reading →

Selling A Bike: When It’s Not Right For You

I closed the sale on my Multistrada today. I rode it all last summer and really liked it; it’s a Ducati through and through. A superpowered dual sport with that real Ducati feel. Most days I cruised through roundabouts a… Continue Reading →

Life is Like the Karate Kid — A Quiz

This weekend while visiting my best friend of 33 years, we decided after quite a lot of beer that we should watch the Karate Kid, one of the most iconic yet terrible movies of all time.  It occurred to me… Continue Reading →

Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket

I admit that when I switched from sport bike riding to dual sport riding, this is the jacket that I coveted from the word go. It’s not just because it’s mostly grey, I swear. I do love grey. The grey… Continue Reading →

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