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Three Summer Days in Winter Park

Disclaimer: I did not spend three days in Winter Park. I spent a day and three quarters awake, or almost two days, or something like that. I wedged my visit in amongst other travel obligations so I didn’t quite have… Continue Reading →

Bike Bag Dude Frame Bag

GearGals is all about gear that’s been designed and made for female outdoor adventurists. Technically, the Bike Bag Dude doesn’t have a female-specific range; instead, the Bike Bag Dude selects, designs and sews frame bag setups to meet customers’ needs… Continue Reading →

Bike Bag Dude Roll and Sling

The Bike Bag Dude Handlebar Roll and Sling is a simple concept – think ‘hotdog-like bag for backcountry mountain biking’ and you’re halfway there. The Roll (the ‘corn dog’) is a tube of tough, waterproof fabric, with Velcro-sealing roll-top closures at each end. To… Continue Reading →

Ground Effect Tantrums shorts and Dovetails liners

New Zealand direct-to-consumer cycling clothing company Ground Effect’s Tantrums riding shorts are a force to be reckoned with. Finding good riding shorts is everything. If you’re out on the mountain bike, you want something that is comfy, tough enough to cope… Continue Reading →

Ground Effect Zest Jersey

Online cycling clothing company Ground Effect’s Zest riding top is a beauty. Short sleeves, a long, long front zip, deep pockets and a snug cut: this formula’s an old favourite, and it’s one that works. It is such a relief to… Continue Reading →

Pedal Stretch Breathe: The Yoga of Bicycling

Riding your bike is all about connection. On a good day, you’ll feel at one with the bike. You’ll feel every bump and curve of the trail through the wheels and frame. The ground you are riding over will feel… Continue Reading →

Two Dusty Demons

With a big crew and a trail network that’s about to explode, things are on the up and up for mountain biking in Alice Springs in Central Australia. Check out Australia-based Geargal Nic’s take on the  local kid-mountain bikers’ riding scene,… Continue Reading →

Sell me a bike

I’m five foot three inches tall and I wear size small clothing – a women’s small, that is. Judging by the contents of the sales sections of most outdoor clothing shops and websites, that’s a pretty popular size. Yep, I’m… Continue Reading →

Hey Guys

Hey Guys Not everything is all about you. But too often the media coverage of it is.

As Long As You FEEL Fast…

Spring is in the air! The temperatures are mostly above freezing, the snow is melting, and the bike paths are kinda clear. The trails are soft and slushy; snow bike season is over. Time to put away the big tires… Continue Reading →

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