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Mountain Hardwear

Patagonia Nano-Air Light hoody & Nano-Air Light pants

With so much focus these days on responsibly-sourced down, it’s easy to overlook synthetic-fill garments that keep you warm for considerably less money. Like the Patagonia Nano-Air Light hoody ($299) and the Patagonia Nano-Air Light pants ($149). What I liked… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Sarafin long-sleeve bomber jacket

The name of the Mountain Hardware Sarafin long-sleeve bomber jacket ($130) doesn’t really do it justice. It’s not really a “jacket” but a sweater and a durable one at that. Made in Italy, the Sarafin is made of a double-knit recycled… Continue Reading →

Gear Gals Gift Guide for Him (Valentine’s Edition!)

Don’t blame the Gear Gals for Valentine’s Day. Blame the ancient Romans and their festival of Lupercalia. For the Romans it was a celebration of fertility (<<lame). For us, it’s mostly about bloated commercialism (<<lamer). No pressure or anything, but V-day is this… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Straight Chuter

The Mountain Hardwear Straight Chuter ($450) is a ski jacket for the true blowhards, those who eschew a resort’s black runs as too tranquil. Avalanches be damned, they head for the backcountry via heli drop-off to smash gnarred-up fresh lines… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Overlook Shorts

  So far this Alaskan summer has been warm enough to wear shorts and tee shirts on multiple occasions! Being a southern girl, that hasn’t happened for me since I moved up here all those many three years ago. As… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Winter Wander Pants

If I were shopping for pants online and came across the above picture, I’d just scroll on by. I don’t really understand the idea of using unflattering pictures for gear, especially for pants like this pair, which are really nice… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Snowtastic (Dry-Q) Jacket

Update: I’ve been resort skiing in this jacket all winter. A few items of note: lots of wind gets in the front zipper. I’ve had to ride the lift with my hand on my chest to block the wind. Waterproofness… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Butter Zippity

I just saw a picture of someone else wearing this shirt and all I can think of to say is really? Really? My arms are that short? I’m that freaky? How does someone else look so great in this and… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Integral Base Layers

  I’ve tried every iteration of this base layer now, and I’m a total believer. I know, after 350 reviews I just kind of cut to the chase these days. Because I didn’t go to OR last summer, and MHW… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Epic Glove

I sent these gloves to petite Irene because they were too small for me. I did hang onto them for a while, hoping that my hands would become magically smaller, because I loved the gloves and wanted to wear them;… Continue Reading →

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