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Outdoor Dating

The Head Geargal’s Advice Column

I have long fantasized about starting an outdoor advice column. Admittedly this idea stemmed in part from the popularity of my “Outdoor Dating” series. In this hypothetical advice column, I’d take inquiries from wayward outdoorsy souls; such things as “With… Continue Reading →

Guide to Outdoorsy Relationships

So you studied the Outdoor Dating series here on the site and finally nabbed yourself an other half. Good for you! You finally can stop badgering people you barely know to go on rides or climbs or to ski movies,… Continue Reading →

How To Pick Up Women At An Outdoor Industry Event

Recently a fellow compatriot in the snow science community mentioned that “it’s hard to find a woman in  this field who isn’t stunning.” And he’s so right. A room full of fit, smart, active ladies is more than any outdoorsy… Continue Reading →

What Outdoorsy Men Want

Outdoorsy dating. Popular topic. Today I want to write about something that no one really talks about. Usually I try to be equitable in my dating discussions but this one is pretty much targeted towards male behavior (Sorry guys. I… Continue Reading →

Wait, Am I On A Date?

This is the next chapter in my outdoor dating series. Is this a series? I keep writing about it, so I guess so. Today I want to talk about something that seriously can’t happen only to me. This has to… Continue Reading →

How to (Properly) Meet Outdoorsy Women

What is going on here? I set out to write about gear and outdoors stuff and all of a sudden I’m a relationship columnist. Really, this is utterly ridiculous. I’m the last person any of you should take advice from… Continue Reading →

Even More Reasons – Thanks Readers!

So this post was insanely popular. It seems to have struck a chord with many readers. I’d write something new for this week but I think I’ll just talk a little more about this topic (and by that I mean:… Continue Reading →

Five Reasons To Date Outdoorsy Women

I’m reasonably certain that most people reading this site are already down with the outdoor lifestyle. I don’t really think that this site is the second stop on the daily blog catchup for people whose first landing page is the… Continue Reading →

Tips For Relationship Harmony

A while ago I wrote a “Guide to Outdoor Dating” for those of us romping around in the backcountry all free and unattached. In the article, I passed on my ideas for picking a good activity to kindle your casual… Continue Reading →

Guide to Outdoor Dating

How many times have you heard people complain, “oh, I just HATE dating!” They usually say this after finding themselves single again, seemingly desperate to get back into a relationship somehow, anyhow. Why this happens, I’ll never know. Just when… Continue Reading →

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