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Patagonia Untracked Pants and Jacket

The search for a do-it-all jacket/pants combo is over. Patagonia has hit it out of the park with the Untracked series. I love them for resort and backcountry skiing, the fit is great, and the features are outstanding. There you… Continue Reading →

Fjällräven Keb Trousers

Before I swan-dive into the Fjällräven Keb ($200) review, a brief lesson in Swedish is in order. You have to know how to pronounce “Fjällräven”. Get your tongue-roll on for the “r” and say it with me: “Fee-yellll-reh’ven”. Check you… Continue Reading →

Earth Sea Sky Katipo pants

When I got these Katipo soft-shell pants from Earth Sea Sky to review, I was living in the Central Australian desert—not an idea climate for testing pants that are designed for cold, windy weather. But the folks at Earth Sea… Continue Reading →

Klim Traverse Pants

It took an exhaustive search to find these pants. I think I tried every pair of motorcycle pants in the store, and most definitely in the women’s section. When I saw these tucked behind the oversized display of men’s jackets,… Continue Reading →

Helly Hansen Verglas Randonee Pant

I’m kinda puzzled by these pants. Maybe I haven’t tried them in enough conditions, but I can’t figure out what they’re for. I wore them for backcountry skiing the other day, and had high hopes for a new favorite pair… Continue Reading →

Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Pant

There’s a few criteria that are important to me in a pair of pants, especially one made for the outdoors. First, I should be able to pull them out of the bottom of a pack, drawer, or pile of clothes… Continue Reading →

Mountain Khakis Lake Lodge Pant

I have to admit, it took me quite a while to take the tags off these pants and try them out. When I first tried them on I instantly didn’t like them much and I was hoping that a few… Continue Reading →

Patagonia Simple Guide Pants and Hoody

Patagonia does “simple” just about as well as it can be done. I keep looking for anything not practically perfect about their stuff and I can usually not find it. I keep trying all their fancy new stuff and I… Continue Reading →

Helly Hansen Odin Mountain Pant

Holy crap these pants are awesome. They have Kevlar. They are customizeable. They have a great size range. They fit well. They’re warm. They cover all the bases. They’re brilliant. I guess I have to elaborate, but if you’re in… Continue Reading →

Mountain Hardwear Winter Wander Pants

If I were shopping for pants online and came across the above picture, I’d just scroll on by. I don’t really understand the idea of using unflattering pictures for gear, especially for pants like this pair, which are really nice… Continue Reading →

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