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Timbuk2 Lux pannier

The  Timbuk2 Lux pannier ($169) is a twenty-two liter roll-top cycling pannier with excellent organizational features. Every bike commuter has her own reason for getting to work under her own steam, but we all share one common denominator: We need… Continue Reading →

Timbuk2 Sunset Handlebar bag

Gradually, more and more cycling accessories and gadgets are becoming booze-friendly. The Timbuk2 Sunset Handlebar bag ($79) is one of them—only it transports a bottle of wine which is (arguably) a lot classier than a six-pack of beer. If that… Continue Reading →

The Timbuk2 Sunset Rack Trunk 

What a joy bike picnic’ing is with the Timbuk2 Sunset Rack Trunk ($110). All the stresses of life, the endless supply of inept douche canoe’s that the Universe has strewn along the Gear Gal Marie Highway of Life, suddenly seem… Continue Reading →

Gear Gals Guide for Guys to Surviving Christmas

December. It’s a month of blatant commercialism and marketing designed to get us to buy, buy, buy and buy some more. If you’re a guy and you’re in a pickle over what to get your gal for Christmas, the pressure is… Continue Reading →

Gear review: Timbuk 2 Sunset pack completes its first successful European tour

I realize that a proper review of the Timbuk2 Sunset ($109) should include at least one annoyance to counteract the lengthy list of why I love and recommend this casual urban pack for non-sweaty outdoor endeavors and general travel. Notice… Continue Reading →

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