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The Haleakala Experience

I think it’s a little weird, but Alaskans like to celebrate the tourist-less winter by heading off to warmer climes: tourist inferno Hawaii. I guess we like to share the joy of having a bunch of holidaying strangers camping out… Continue Reading →

Three Summer Days in Winter Park

Disclaimer: I did not spend three days in Winter Park. I spent a day and three quarters awake, or almost two days, or something like that. I wedged my visit in amongst other travel obligations so I didn’t quite have… Continue Reading →

Tales From LAX

If you want to know the state of affairs of the world, just watch a medical emergency unfold on a commercial flight. If you think a pile of strangers contains many people sufficiently prepared and motivated to help out if… Continue Reading →

LifeProof iPad Mini Case is Out!

No sooner had I hit the publish button on my last Lifeproof review when *ding dong* a prototype Lifeproof iPad Mini case landed on my doorstep. It’s this thing called “fre” (I don’t know how to make the fancy line… Continue Reading →

How to be a Good Roommate/Houseguest

During our time in Alaska, my husband and I had the fortune of living in a relatively nice place for relatively good rent (this combination seems to be almost non-existent in AK unless you’re friends with who you’re renting from, which is… Continue Reading →

Spring Remains Coiled

This is enough of a cautionary tale that I wish I was the kind of person to take pictures of anything and everything at the drop of a hat. I’d have some scary mangled motorcycle pictures for you. It’s safe… Continue Reading →

The Top Ten Attributes of the Top Ten Adventure Towns

From what I can tell, in order to run a successful magazine with an enormous readership, you simply make lists of stuff and rotate the lists, changing their contents slightly every few years. I used to eschew making lists for… Continue Reading →

Heather Bradshaw’s Travel Rules

My friend Heather is a commercial helicopter pilot, world traveler, sassmaster, and all around badass. If there’s a way to do something, Heather will know how. She’s the one you want with you if your three hour tour turns into… Continue Reading →

Stealing Away

I’ve spent the last ten days with a cast of new friends, the kind that immediately lodge themselves in your heart for life. Laughter brought us closer day after day; our shouts and hurrahs rang through two mountain ranges, leaving… Continue Reading →

Alaska Travel Oddities

Alaska is a unique place, and traveling around this state is an exercise in eccentricities not encountered anywhere else in the country. If you’re from here, you know what I mean. First of all, it’s huge. If you plop Alaska… Continue Reading →

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