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The Head Geargal’s Advice Column

I have long fantasized about starting an outdoor advice column. Admittedly this idea stemmed in part from the popularity of my “Outdoor Dating” series. In this hypothetical advice column, I’d take inquiries from wayward outdoorsy souls; such things as “With… Continue Reading →

Link: The Problem With Women’s Outdoor Gear

The Toast just published this awesome article, “Outfitting for Adventure: The Problem With Women’s Outdoor Gear” by Kate Worteck, in which I am quoted. Kate did a great job of summarizing all the issues with women’s gear, and the comments… Continue Reading →

When An Event Promotes Oppression of Women

OK, so go read this: Male only marathon? Boycott please.   Now read the email I just sent to the organizers (and copied to the sponsors/partners of the event): Hello, I’m writing to you to express how disappointing and wrong… Continue Reading →

Too Visible Around Men

I’ve been in male-dominated fields most of my life. This isn’t because I’ve got male interests, it’s because almost everything is male-dominated because the men of the world can’t share, especially when something is fun to do or garners admiration… Continue Reading →

North Platte River Fly Shop: because shopping local isn’t just for organic carrots

We’ve all been there. Pushed through the heavy, industrial-grade oaken double doors of a national retailer to an ocular orgasm of Patagonia in every price range and style from New! This! Season! to last season’s leftovers at 50% off. But… Continue Reading →

There’s More To Women Than Tampons

Tampons are on my mind at the moment. They’re there because of two happenings this week (and nope, neither of them were the arrival of my period, she’s been gone for years): the OIWC “Pitchfest” at Outdoor Retailer trade show,… Continue Reading →

That Bad Scene In “Pretty Faces” Ski Movie, Explained

A few posts back I reviewed the ski film “Pretty Faces: The Story of A Skier Girl.” I didn’t really do my homework apparently, because I had no idea this film was produced by a male. I did, though, note… Continue Reading →

Why Are Cyclists So Pedantic?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Reviews section you’ve seen some mansplainin’ going on around here. We don’t take too kindly to that in these parts so you’ve also seen some sarcasm a’flyin’. I’ve handled mansplainers before (who hasn’t?),… Continue Reading →

Other Voices

I’m just going to link to this, because I’ve already said all this many times in my own words, so here are someone else’s.

Okay. So Now, Apparently, I’m a Badass.

One summer when I was in my twenties, a new wilderness ranger showed up at our compound. She was a woman, which was unusual enough, since I was resigned to being the only one. But the most interesting thing about… Continue Reading →

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