The Fashion Weeks of New York, London, Paris and Milan have come and gone, a tedious, month-long international relay of (over-priced and fugly) fashion that has zero functionality in real life. Sadly, the Toad & Co Mojacette overshirt ($109) was not included.

A tragedy and a missed opportunity, indeed. The world needs the lumberjack sensibility brought to daily life.

Made from 100% organic cotton, the Toad & Co Mojacette Overshirt is a harbinger of environmentally-friendly and sustainable clothing design forces at play. No offense to Rebecca Minkoff and Koche though some will surely be taken.

What I liked loved

  • Texture. Only Toad & Co’s description can do it true justice: “Twisted, almost ropey yarns give this woven fabric a devilishly sneaky texture that is soft, off-the-rack-ready and vintage yet modern at the same time.”
  • Looks, fit and functionality. Give me tree to chop down, a trendy coffee shop at which to celebrate my chopping and then a list of errands to run on the way home because the Mojacette works in all avenues. Fit is also true to size. I wear a size small and the size small Mojacette is the right size and easily accommodates a baselayer.
  • Warm and snuggly. My favorite combination of warm clothes this fall has been Mojacette with a pair of skinny crop jeans and my LOWA San Luis GTX’s. The Mojacette is fully-lined with a Butterknit jersey to make it soft and retain warmth. It’s tough to take it off at the end of the day.
  • Pockets can actually accommodate a stuffed hand and aren’t for decoration.

What I didn’t like Will have to accept as something out of my control

  • Why only two styles/colors, Toad and Co.?!! Marine Green and Vino (red) are both lovely colors but that means us customers can only buy two…

 Final thoughts

There are times when a piece of gear comes along that isn’t necessarily ground-breaking or earth-shattering in its design but I love it anyway because of an unexplainable cosmic link.

Except that I can explain the link with Toad & Co.

We both originated in Telluride, CO. We both believe that clothing must be designed to sustain a healthy environment and have a light footprint. We both support programs that help adults with disabilities enjoy the outdoors like all of us. I support Team River Runner and Toad & Co. supports Search for Adventure. Anytime you purchase a piece from Toad & Co you are supporting Search for Adventure. Click this link to watch the really cool video explaining the program.