The Toad & Co Outbound Long Hoodie ($139) is one of those hoodies that really has no business being labeled a hoodie. Made from 75% recycled Polyester and 25% recycled wool, it’s a harbinger of environmentally-friendly and sustainable clothing design forces at play.

What I liked (no loved!)

  • The way it looks and fits. I can’t describe it any better, I’m afraid. Depending on my mood and how far I zip the zipper, it can be a slouchy, grunge-esque hooded sweatshirt or it can be a sleek and chic long tunic’esque cool-weather top with a hood.
  • Warm and snuggly. My favorite combination of warm clothes has been this hoody paired with the Ibex Woolie.
  • Pockets can actually accommodate a stuffed hand and aren’t for decoration.
  • Asymmetrical collar. When zipped all the way up the zipper doesn’t sit right on my throat.
  • It’s warm. Has been my favorite piece for air travel, wearing around the house, wearing around the city.
  • Note on size: I wear a small and the Outbound Hoodie small feels big. I tried on an XS at REI and it fit better as long as I was wearing a thin baselayer or shirt. If light baselayers are your preference, order next size down. Otherwise, go with your normal size.

What I didn’t like

  • It comes in two colors and both are pretty bleak (“black” and “falcon brown” though the “black” is actually gray). I would love to see this in a dark muted red or a true black.

Final thoughts

There are times when a piece of gear comes along that isn’t necessarily ground-breaking or earth-shattering in its design but I love it anyway because of an unexplainable cosmic link.

Except that I can explain the link with Toad & Co.

We both originated in Telluride, CO. We both believe that clothing must be designed to sustain a healthy environment and have a light footprint. We both support programs that help adults with disabilities enjoy the outdoors like all of us. I support Team River Runner and Toad & Co. supports Search for Adventure. Anytime you purchase a piece from Toad & Co you are supporting Search for Adventure. Click this link to watch the really cool video explaining the program.


  • Toad & Co
    Keep the chill at bay with the Toad & Co Outbound Long Hoodie. The cozy fleece feels soft against your skin. The hood can be pulled over your head to protect it from the harsh weather. Thanks to the zipper at the center, wearing and removing the hoodie is easy. With the hand pockets on either side, you can store small essentials effortlessly.
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