I don’t have a television and am pretty pop culture deficient. When I go out in the world I am at times surprised by many aspects of normal society that aren’t new to anyone else. Here are some things I have learned from my latest jaunt across the United States:

  • Soda pop now comes in 14 oz. cans. I was staggered by this discovery. Really? REALLY? Do Americans really need more soda?
  • There’s nothing funnier than a broken down Hummer on the side of the Interstate. There’s just something about those stupid things that makes their owners’ mechanical misfortunes very entertaining.
  • Things I think would be common courtesy are, in fact, not common at all. Examples include: not letting your huge diesel truck idle for 35 minutes outside the motel at 5 in the morning, not leaving your dogs locked in your hotel room alone to bark their heads off while you go off to do who knows what, and, on the subject of dogs, moving your dog’s ass more than five feet away from the hotel room door to take a dump.

I’m having a fun time! Wish you were all here. From the traffic, maybe you all are.